Where have you been?!

Jeeze almost a year later and I’m now one of the sad statistical Blog starters who doesn’t keep up.  To be fair, I started the blog to occupy time where I wasn’t working and almost a week after my last post I found a great job.  But it’s time to get back in the saddle because now I’m doing so much more than just printables.  I’m talking cutables, moldables, foldables and so much more.  I got a Sillhouette Cameo about a month ago and I’m straight up obsessed.  I can’t wait to start sharing projects and promoting creativity.


What it’s all about

Hello creative world!  

I’m starting this blog today for a couple reasons… to start, I’m out of work and need something to occupy my time besides job applications.  I was working as an advertising coordinator and graphic designer in my last position, but I’m now looking to expand my design prowess and hopefully gain employment as a full time graphic designer.  


All the experts (ok, they may not be experts) say a graphic designer needs to have a blog to showcase some of their design work.  That sounded a little bit boring to me, though… do people really want to look at my past work?  Instead I thought bigger… One of my favorite online hobbies is scouring Pinterest for fun and new design or craft inspirations.  This is where my brilliant idea came – what if I composed a blog that people would want to link to on Pinterest!  Most of my Pins are of tutorials or printables… so why not compose a blog of printables!?  


(Insert beaming lightbulb over head) So here we are, I’m starting today with a plan to produce printables for a captive audience to use and hopefully repin them all over the pinterest boards!  From calendars to cards I’m looking to expand my portfolio and give the readers something to get excited print.  And there you have it, all you need to do is just add paper!